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National Cadet Corps is actively organised in the College. Cadets from the College are regularly participating in the various camps both national and local. Military training as well as social service training is provided through the N.C.C. activities. The college has produced numerous 'B' and 'C' Certificate holders.


Since the occasion of the 70th Anniversary 2016 the college has resumed the tradition of organizing the Annual College Week with the objective of greater involved participation of all and ensuring more intensive and least interrupted teaching - learning process during the Semester. For 2017 the Week was organized during 6th Feb. to 10th Feb. The Week includes the following events: i. Freshers’ Social Meet ii. Literary Meet iii. Inter-House Sports Meet iv. General Exhibition


Students from about 50 colleges participated in both events.During the Youth Festival, students from a number of colleges participated in various competitions like dance, drama, mono action, fancy dress, elocution, essay writing and spot painting.


College sport provides college residents with the opportunity to represent their college in various sports. The strong history of inter-college challenges provides a great spirit at all sporting events. With the wide range of sports to choose from and the competition being so accessible, all college residents need to do is contact their college sport representative to nominate.


The College has two units of National Service Scheme to impart a social sense of responsibility to the students through a variety of social welfare and development activities such as adult literacy, child welfare and relief programmes.