Dhanamanjuri College which was originally started with Arts stream only, has a most illustrious saga of academic brilliance in the history of higher education in Manipur. The college has produced a large number of academicians, intellectuals and many outstanding individuals of high professional caliber which form the cream of the Manipur Society. It was established in 1946 under the patronage of the late Maharani Dhanamanjuri Devi. It is situated in the heart of Imphal, a flower on lofty height and the capital of Manipur. The College grew up in size and enrolment with the introduction of science subjects in 1951 and commerce in 1954. The imparting of B.T. Course was started in 1959. However, the faculty of B.T. was soon separated to became a full-fledged Post graduate Training College in 1972 now renamed as D.M.Collge of Teacher Education. By 1975 D.M.College become so large that it had to be bifurcated into D.M.College of Science had retained the original building because of the immovable scientific installations such as laboratories, gas units etc. and D.M.College of Arts and Commerce had been shifted to the present site within the sprawling D.M. College campus.

The growing size of class and the need for a separate Commerce College led to a further bifurcation into D.M. College of Arts and D.M. College of Commerce on August 6,1996, the year D.M. college celebrated its golden jubliee.

The year, thus, witnessed the birth of a separate D.M. College of Arts, a distinct entity, with its motto “Learn, Labour and Serve”. The college is co-educational.

The college celebrated its Diamond Jubilee in 2006 the year the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) awarded B+ grade to the college.